vendredi 1 février 2008

Agence ANTAL

Antal International est une agence de recrutement qui sélectionne les candidats de tous horizons afin de mettre de les mettre en rapport avec les entreprises.
Une agence existe à Moscou, dont Christian Lepolard assure la direction.

Moscow, 1st August 2007 Christian Lepolard has been promoted to Associate Partner at Antal International Russia and will join the company's managing team. Besides being responsible for business development in and out of Russia he will now participate to the strategic development of the company in the CIS region.

Christian is currently managing the Sales, Marketing and Logistics Department. He says: “As foreign companies keep on coming to and investing into Russia and we see no end to the economic growth here this market is a very exciting one. It is the right time to work in recruitment. Our solid market knowledge, our good business model and the good team spirit make Antal the perfect company for this”.

Christian Lepolard joined Antal in December 2004 as a recruitment consultant. Within one year he started growing up and managing a team of consultants. After another eight months he was promoted to Senior Manager officially in charge of the Logistics and Sales positions."Christian has made an immense positive impact on our business in just a few years, - says Tremayne Elson, Antal Russia managing partner. - He has demonstrated a natural feel for the recruitment process and has made the transition to managing and developing a team. Operationally he is now supporting the main board in the growth of Antal's operations in Russia and beyond"

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